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  • Mumbiker Nikhil
    Mumbiker Nikhil

    Good morning everyone. Take care and be positive ☕️


      U invest in America country

    • Adish jogatar
      Adish jogatar

      dont go for easy money. it doesnt last

    • Prince gediya
      Prince gediya


    • entertainer server
      entertainer server

      Take care ok but not positive 🤣🤣🤣

    • Shashank Tiwari
      Shashank Tiwari

      @hello stranger why do I watch his video? Ans: because I used to like his vlogs. And am looking for him to be back to what he was "not a so much sugar coated influencer". I'm watching him since last 5yrs at least. When he used to roam around in Powai with his KTM. So I know what I'm missing. Since yours is a highlighted comment, MN is watching me. If I posted such on twitter or Instagram, he'd have blocked me.

  • camp clerk
    camp clerk

    Dear Nikhil Bro...where did you buy your Tshirts..

  • camp clerk
    camp clerk

    Good Morning Nikhil Ji...your home is just awesome ..

  • roger ashar
    roger ashar

    Just to show ur flamboyance on videos u have wasted lots of money .People with even with good financial support are suffering.

  • Pratik Pande
    Pratik Pande

    Tall guys always have back problems

  • Kavisha Patel
    Kavisha Patel

    It was 10 min of nikhil just complaining


    This was a good vlog. Dil khol ke baat kari aapne :)

  • MechE Tech
    MechE Tech

    Mumbiker investor!

  • yash dhingra
    yash dhingra

    So the suspense about this vlog is , nikhil came delhi for vivo v21 launch shoot🙏✌️✌️

  • Neha Agarwal
    Neha Agarwal

    It's sad ke kisi ko itnaaa explain karna padta hai about their life jabki Sadi sadi chizon par log keh dete hain 'it's my/their choice'😊😊.. Jaise jeena hai waise jio Nikhil Bhai

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    Guruji ke sath😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Melwin R
    Melwin R

    MN... please speak on Logical Issues like Oxygen shortage, Corrupt politics in Mumbai, Remdesivir shortage... DONT be like Selfish , Idiotic , Uneducated , Drug Addicted Bollywood HERO and HEROINES 😡😡😡😡

  • fun time ali
    fun time ali

    Bhai apny investments ke baare ma bhi batya karo please

  • Rohit Mohite
    Rohit Mohite

    Bhai chilled majam life

  • Rahul Dugad
    Rahul Dugad

    eagerly waiting for your overseas vlogs

  • Neeraj Singh
    Neeraj Singh

    Love you Nikhil bhai🙏🙏🙏

  • Effortlessaccuracy@gmail.com

    Waah modi ji waah kyo Ni bolte ab 😎

  • Naushin Momin
    Naushin Momin

    Bro you are really positive, motivational and inspiring 👍 thanks budss😎 .. Allah sabki hifazat kare ✨

  • Madhur Suryawanshi
    Madhur Suryawanshi

    Dogecoin liya hai

  • Barboza

    Pakka Mt re

  • james watson
    james watson

    ekdum mazdooro waali baat keh di aapne to Nikhil bhai kaam kar rahe hai, kaam na kiya to paise kaise aayange???? paise nahi aaye to ghar kaise chalega.

  • Abhrojit Saha
    Abhrojit Saha

    Nikhil Bhaii don't give much attention to such negative mind people! They can't see you rising up so fast! We all know how much hardworking you are and are proud of you Nikhil Bhaii!

  • sunny kumar
    sunny kumar

    It's rude how u talk to the subscriber who care about you and ur family so much and asking u not to travel.. the situation is quite worse as what is shown in TV.. the people had seen or some of them even lost their family members.. Ultimately it's ur Life.. it's none of our business.. 🙏

  • MrRR

    Good luck

  • Pritam Mallik
    Pritam Mallik

    we all are with you mikhil bhaiaa get out from the stress mode love from kolkata



  • Mohit Chauhan
    Mohit Chauhan

    Nalle logo ko job Dedi INlabel me😂😂

  • pratik gupta
    pratik gupta

    pls guys this is not a time to spread negativity in any way,ur harsh words can affect someone mentally for a long time,U can literally see the pain in his eyes.

  • Shivang

    6:28 the song is mat kar maya ko ahankaar, mat kar maya ko ahankaar

  • pigeon's world
    pigeon's world

    06:48 best quote❤️

  • Rishabh rathour
    Rishabh rathour

    Nikhil baii faltu logo ki na suno every one has to put food on his table. We also have to go office daily aab kya kare covid hai toh pay bills and all. You are also doing same.

  • V

    Who is Pandey ji?

  • Siddharth

    Nahe hum Katai nahe chahtey ke aap bimaar ho....aur.jo log yeh chahtey hai.....unse na toh appke jitne mehnat ho paati hai na aapki success jhel paatey hai......

  • Ranjit Gulati
    Ranjit Gulati

    Sabse bada rog - kya kahinge log - u rock so keep rocking

  • Nithin Malikarjun
    Nithin Malikarjun

    What business in abroad??

  • anil turesha
    anil turesha

    Jis mai bhi loss ho rha hai if it is bitcoin then bhai HOLD it just do nothing just HOLD it never sell in panic just HOLD uper jayega market

  • Aaditya Gadekar
    Aaditya Gadekar


  • Rajender Kuchan
    Rajender Kuchan

    Bhaaai ye chutyo ko explanation deke time waste mat karo

  • Mahesh Patkar
    Mahesh Patkar

    I occasionally come to check his videos going from good travel vlogs to just cringe content. You blame your viewers for pointing it out to you are you aren't following lockdown rules that's you being stupid not others

  • Kashi ram Dhungana
    Kashi ram Dhungana

    Big fan bro from nepal

  • Prerak Patel
    Prerak Patel

    Invest in dogecoin crypto

  • Mask Maker
    Mask Maker

    Happy bhai ko kaam dhanda nai hai kya😃

  • 01.Aditya Pawar
    01.Aditya Pawar

    Speechless , hats off nikhil bhai

  • Raghuveer Singh
    Raghuveer Singh

    Nice bhai

  • Exasperated farrago
    Exasperated farrago

    Watch Shwetabh Gangwar once - 6:42

  • Samiya Shaikh
    Samiya Shaikh


  • MaNoJ DiGaRi
    MaNoJ DiGaRi

    Hyatt regency gurgaon

  • AT Adnan
    AT Adnan

    Konse brand ki jeans jo black t shirt ke niche pehni he

  • Study Home
    Study Home

    Chl lodu

  • Aviral Saxena
    Aviral Saxena

    Nikhil bhai ne sabse zyada “kaam” isi video me kiya hai😂😂😂😂 Just kidding bhai, offend mat hona, hum aapse dil se pyaar karte hain, aur aapko har cheez me support karenge❤️❤️

  • Jayesh Lalwani
    Jayesh Lalwani

    1st of all Ye sb batay bata k tu koi ehsaan nhi kar raha.. hotel book kara tickets purchase kiya ye sb shot iske liye kiya taki tere views k through teko in sub kharcho ka reimbursement ho jaye.. aur lastly agar teko puri baatay batani rehti nhi toh ku batata kch kar rahay thay hum baad me bataoga personal rehta ye vo.. either include that part or exclude it totally.. it's just a common sense thing

  • lalit singh
    lalit singh

    Bro we are not willing to see that you get infected but we love you bro its care for you ...

  • Himangshu vlogs
    Himangshu vlogs

    Nibbi (chapri ) clr

  • Shekhar Belwankar
    Shekhar Belwankar

    Ktm duke 390 ka kya huva rakhe ho ya bech diye..???

  • Bhuan Jale
    Bhuan Jale

    Guys kadhe se kuch nahi hota plz take care wear mask use sanitizer stay in the house , do not think that ki muze kuch nahi hoga,

  • Shlok patel
    Shlok patel

    6:46who else notice a number on happy bhai phone

  • ME-109-Yash Vispute
    ME-109-Yash Vispute

    Love from nashik Maharashtra 💝💝

  • Arpan Peter
    Arpan Peter

    Keep hustling ✌️, Keep up your great work , keep inspiring #MNSQUAD

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind

    you are doing absolutely right...they are just spreading negativity.

  • nick hill
    nick hill

    You can see the arrogance in him.. paise ka chakkar babu bhayya

  • BCA Akash Boralkar
    BCA Akash Boralkar

    Bhai I love you don't listen to any hater concentrate on lovers❤️😁💐

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Brother life is so expensive plz stay at home just for sometime. 👍

  • Anand Subramaniam
    Anand Subramaniam

    I felt the whole pain while you share that comment you have gone through. But literally you are doing a great job just focus on positive comments as we (fans) do by watching your vlogs.😊👍

  • VJ

    Isiliye bola downfall shuru hora

  • Somnath Biswas
    Somnath Biswas

    Kya bhai fatlu dnot listen any bakwaas anybody

  • Suraj Jankar
    Suraj Jankar

    Aree bhai 2 times marne ka baat Kia aapne . Yaar maat karo Aisa baat marne ka . We love you yaar

  • ketan chauhan
    ketan chauhan

    आपका काम अच्छा है बाकी न्यूज चैनल वाले तो साले हरामि है सब बकवास ओर फालतू दिखाते है

  • Gaurav Suthar
    Gaurav Suthar

    Nikhil you are one of best vlogger

  • Adish jogatar
    Adish jogatar

    Sabko stock market easy money ki aadat padh gayi Jab girta h na aadmi oot jaata h

  • Faisal Abrar
    Faisal Abrar

    Love to see the world from your eyes 😊😊

  • Yashp

    tesla mai invest kya???????????///

  • shubham jain
    shubham jain

    Abb mrega 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Indrajeet Kulkarni
    Indrajeet Kulkarni

    Is it legal to invest in crypto currency in India

    • david juneja
      david juneja

      It is not.

  • Sanyam Jain
    Sanyam Jain


  • Amin Ul islam
    Amin Ul islam

    Luv uu nikhil bro

  • ashok gaikwad
    ashok gaikwad

    Nahi bhai aysa mat bolo kuch nahi hoyga bhai

  • Aniket Phapale
    Aniket Phapale

    Nusti bhanbhan

  • Aseel Nayab Farm
    Aseel Nayab Farm

    Kabe nai ❤️ hogaya bhai kuch bhi aap ko🙏👑

  • destroyer turbo
    destroyer turbo

    We just want yall to be safe and take precautions . It's crazy out there

  • Rider’s Diary
    Rider’s Diary

    Nikhil bhai, marathi me kahavat hai " Nindkache ghar asave shejari" So don't worry about negative folks. We love you

  • Vadrider Kashish
    Vadrider Kashish

    Kon bola nikhil bhai aap ko

  • Dixit Jasra
    Dixit Jasra

    Bhai positive msg read karo tension mat lo mahadev bless you

  • Dixit Jasra
    Dixit Jasra

    Thik hai bhai bt sub log payer karta hai aap ko tabhi bol raha hai ya sub logo ka payer hai I understand you bro mahadev bless you 🙏

  • Vikas Solanki
    Vikas Solanki

    Nikhil Bhai Ki Bolti chalu Ho Jati Hai Camera Chalu Hote Hi Or Hamari band Camera Chalu Hote Hi 😂😂😂😂

  • 19MAS012 Akshit Thakur
    19MAS012 Akshit Thakur

    Gold to mota hee down gya kuchh dino m

  • Vikey Kar
    Vikey Kar

    Is the perfume business u talking about?

  • gayatri landge
    gayatri landge

    Take care Nikhil

  • Abhishek Bhansali
    Abhishek Bhansali

    you dont have video content now.... you are rakhi sawant of youtube log mere bare me ye boolte ha ...

  • sachin jaiswal
    sachin jaiswal

    Technical guru ji is also thr in same hotel 😁

  • Dipak Kuchhadiya
    Dipak Kuchhadiya

    I like it 👌🏻

  • Sanchit Sanan
    Sanchit Sanan

    Nikhil Bhai take it on the positive side, you just moved to your new house and the home is too lucky for you that after moving there you started traveling around 😉

  • Arya Wadke
    Arya Wadke

    Talk more about finance bhai

  • Roshan Patel
    Roshan Patel

    Log kuch toh kahenge logon ka naam hain kehna

  • Gujju On the Go
    Gujju On the Go

    Sab ki life me hota he but teri life me to downs dekhe to he hi nahi croredo rupee banaye tune aur tu waha apne kam ke liye gaya na hamna thodi bola beth na ghare pe kon mana kiya wese kuch na karke Tu paise bana raha he log vloging kyu karte because it's very easy job and comfortable compare to corporate life there is stress pressure deadlines here there is nothing at all bhagwan bhi samjta he na kis ke pass se paisa lena he

  • Subhadeep Saha
    Subhadeep Saha

    Bohot jali iski

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    we trust u nikhil bhai😎 dont let ill comments affect you.... lots of love new subscriber💞

  • Bishnupriya Singh 12B 16
    Bishnupriya Singh 12B 16

    Can someone tell me that Happy Bhai is married or not?

  • Utkarsh Pandey
    Utkarsh Pandey

    Nikhil bhai faltu logo ki baton par dhyaan mat dia karo itna.....unko chahiye hi attention...

  • Rushi Chudasama
    Rushi Chudasama

    Bhai logo k baare me itna mat socho, jitne log aapke baare me negative sochte he usse bohot zyada log aapke liye dua karte he. Kuch nahi hoga bhai. If you re doing something then it should be necessary

  • Athu

    Log kahenge unka Kam hi Hai kehna Plz stay in positive mindset nikhil bhaiya ❤

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