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  • Niketan Barot
    Niketan Barot

    inlabel.info/chat/n26Wy7jaqqBfo3g/v.html This is very example of negative influencing Nikhil you as a responsible citizen of Country are setting example of negative influencing this time you are running agenda of no vaccine arey chomu log agar vaccine nahi lege to kya tu koi jadu kar ke Covid ki chain todega...... I know me thoda harsh ho gaya but nikhil You are my one of favorite vlogger par bhai agar aap ase bologe to kitne sare log vaccine nai lagwaege or vo log bhi dusro ko convince karege for not getting vaccinated. Please everyon in chatbox tell nikhil to be vaccinated or else tell him not to run negative propaganda against vaccination.

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    Great ❤️

  • Baisakhi Sen
    Baisakhi Sen

    Gajraj ji ne bohot accha gift diya hain .. hopefully ye kuber dev hain.. mana jata hain ki kachua kuber dev ki nishani hote hain or ghar me yeh rakhne se khushiya or doulat badta hain... Pata nhi unho ne isiliye diya hain ki nhi.. par bohot beautiful hain yeh😍

  • Baisakhi Sen
    Baisakhi Sen

    Gazraj ji ne bohot accha gift diya hain .. hopefully ye kuber dev hain.. mana jata hain ki kachua kuber dev ki nishani hote hain or ghar me yeh rakhne se khushiya or doulat badta hain... Pata nhi unho ne isiliye diya hain ki nhi.. par bohot beautiful hain yeh😍

  • Salman bhai
    Salman bhai

    Aunty should take vaccine

  • Just Explore
    Just Explore

    Ur mummy is op🔥

  • MOHIB Ali TV
    MOHIB Ali TV


  • Anish




  • Amin Ul islam
    Amin Ul islam

    Luv uu nikhil bro

  • Utkarsh Pandey
    Utkarsh Pandey

    Fake hai tu boring vlogs jb dekho apna shaince yhi chlta rhta hai fake hai fake apne dosto ka use krta hai

  • beastboy gamer
    beastboy gamer

    Shanice's T-Shirt ....... AC-DC .......... CLASYYYYYY 😎😎😎

  • Himali Goswami
    Himali Goswami

    I always loved your mom.. she's mostly true.. but this time I'm not agreeing with her & m also really mad at you.. getting vaccinated or not is your personal choice .. But atleast keep in mind that you're an influancer.. millions of people follows you.. you should be more responsible for your words n your choices.. Hope you understand your social duty & don't give such irresponsible message to PPL.. plz do what's right for your audience .. hope you understand 🙏🏻

  • ActionScenes

    Delhi nhi jaana chiya tha Nikhil bhi


    Bindas jawo yaar kuc nhi huga maharashtra me

  • Amrit Sharma
    Amrit Sharma

    Same internet locha happed with me in previous lockdown

  • Prashant Nj
    Prashant Nj

    Bhai aapke bal red red dikhte hain kabhi kabhi jo ki bilkul achha nhi lgta hai

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    *_That was class act from Gajraj sir_*

  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Chirag Verma
    Chirag Verma


  • Abdulla G
    Abdulla G

    It's lutf not luft u r so poor in urdu

  • Mohit Atwal
    Mohit Atwal

    Its "lutaf" not lufat

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf


  • Akshat Jain
    Akshat Jain

    10:30 it was just a coincidence nikhil bhaiya 🤣

  • Subham Zen
    Subham Zen


  • Amjgamer X
    Amjgamer X

    Nikhil bhai iPhone 12 ke case cover ka name batha do

  • Pradyuman Solanki
    Pradyuman Solanki

    Nikkkhil bhai 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sagar Chaudhary
    Sagar Chaudhary

    Main to sahi bolti hu 😂✌️

  • UNIQ GANU 0780
    UNIQ GANU 0780

    Today my diploma mechanical 5th sem results declared and 5 subject fail I will so nervous 😞😢😨😰

  • Sudhakar M
    Sudhakar M

    Nikhil's Look with the new hairstyle looks likes Dulquer in Ustad Hotel Hotel. :D

  • Nithin Malikarjun
    Nithin Malikarjun

    Mom should take vaccination! Hot water won't kill covid!

  • Samin Towsif
    Samin Towsif

    Intro music name??

  • Sagar Kulkarni
    Sagar Kulkarni

    That's some kind of auspicious turtle 😁 people gift that at housewarming parties...

  • SJ 17
    SJ 17

    Kya gazab ka "influencer" hai. Video par bol raha hai "hum to strong hain humko vaccine ki kya zaroorat" Such "influencers" should be behind bars. Aur teenage bacche aake "hater hater" ki bakar chalu kare usase pehle le me tell- I run a hospital in my city and my staff are literally sweating blood to arrange oxygen for patients every day and hundreds of phone call everyday to arrange beds for someone aur fir aise log on camera aise statements dete hain to dukh hota hai

  • Manit Arora
    Manit Arora

    Nikhil reading all commments💖👻

  • 1703varun

    Good that you all are putting masks but also getting vaccinated is the need of the hour right now.Vaccine is there for a purpose.If only hot water and some kadha gave you the protection needed against it these vaccines wouldn’t roll out in the world.Getting vaccinated is as important specially for the elderly.Boasting about not taking one is where we fall behind others.And this comment is coming from a doctor himself experiencing the condition out there day in and day out.Please be considerate and get vaccinated.

  • Madhuri Kale
    Madhuri Kale

    Gajraj sir is such a fine actor. And its very nice to see that he sent Nikhil such a beautiful gift. Such a humbling gesture! We would love to see him on this channel.♥️

  • Nitin Rahangdale
    Nitin Rahangdale

    Nikhil's mother doesnt try to be funny but she is funny😂😂....god bless her😁

  • hitenndra a joshi
    hitenndra a joshi

    Be negative is this time and condition


    11:27 can anybody help me with the music at the end?

  • Tukaram Barkul
    Tukaram Barkul

    Shame on you

  • Aayush Sharma Vlogs
    Aayush Sharma Vlogs

    Hello Nikhil bhai, We need to connect you for our Application Promotion. How can we get connected or if there is any email id so I can share you the email ?

    • Burn it down
      Burn it down

      Dm him on instagram


    First time saw nikhil bhai wearing shorts , love u ❤️❤️

  • Tsering dolker
    Tsering dolker

    You should wear night suits when you sleep...

  • Sunita Wankhede
    Sunita Wankhede

    nikhil where is technical guruji?????????

  • Pushkar Parashar
    Pushkar Parashar

    Ek complete vlog dji se record kijiye aur different different camera use kijiye camera ka review bhi ho jayega.

  • Aparna Deb
    Aparna Deb

    Nik aunty is right cause Mom's are always right and as my complete family watch ur video my grandma mom everyone thinks u should not go out.. kam to hota he hain but health is imp... tc

  • Pushkar Parashar
    Pushkar Parashar

    Koi fun wun nahi hai

  • The Concrete
    The Concrete

    Indian vaccine - Garam Pani & Kadha 🤣


    Sab Tumhari natak hay.. koi fun wan nhi h🤣🤣🤣


    Nice video. ✌️

  • Prathamesh Dhawaleshwar
    Prathamesh Dhawaleshwar

    i love the simplicity of Gajraj rao sir. Most down to person ever seen .


    Faltu traveling kar reha ho avi. Sir if you get infected think about your mom what Will happen.

  • panna devi
    panna devi

    Pocket wifi le lo

  • v vlog
    v vlog

    Happy bhai ka channel hai kya

  • Affan Md
    Affan Md

    Bhai, bcs its ramadan can u try to fast for one day and vlog with Rizwan, it will be a very nice video

  • Shubham Dey
    Shubham Dey

    Delhi jaa rahe h bhaisaab

  • Daniyal Daily routine
    Daniyal Daily routine

    I like your videos

  • Anwar Basha
    Anwar Basha

    Moms are Moms. When they start shouting no one can react. Should listen to whatever she says silently. But even in her yelling there will be love and care in it.

  • Adnan shaik
    Adnan shaik

    Sahi bhi aapke mother se humlog relate karte !! Aapke mother hamare bhi maa ji hai ❤️ I love u anuty ji

  • Jatin Kumar
    Jatin Kumar

    Bhai work from home ka excuse maro

  • Taher Kagalwala
    Taher Kagalwala

    dont go


    Sorry to say but the most boring vlogger now a days!

  • bhavik panchal
    bhavik panchal

    nikhil bhai aaj video 75inch tv may dekha maza aa gaya kya quality hai.

  • shravan nair
    shravan nair

    Arey bhai mask wear karo bhai. Aisa influence mat karo. Ghar pe raho. Bahar mat ghumo.

  • Karan Virdikar
    Karan Virdikar

    10:29 waah kya dakaar tha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tushar Attal
    Tushar Attal

    Arey yaar GSA aur tiger batao na kitna time hogaya no motovlog!!!

  • Aniket Raswe
    Aniket Raswe

    you could be a Covid carrier tho... Y'all are sharing your life On cam but you have influence on people..

  • harshal giri
    harshal giri

    Bhai wo ardigoes emigoes kya tha samjao na

    • A9o21o

      Bye friends

  • Imaan Bin Tanvir
    Imaan Bin Tanvir

    Don’t worry I thing he is going to bhopal or dubai

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi

    Your highlights are really very nice. Even if i'm not in mood to view your video, your highlights pull me back.

  • Neha M
    Neha M

    You are not the same nikhil I used to see........👍 Best of luck

  • Sania Shaikh
    Sania Shaikh

    My rule in my life I never see news 🤣🤣💁🏻‍♀️ depression se bachna India k news na dekhe too much negativity there fake news

  • meet joshi
    meet joshi

    *MUST* *READ* 🙏👇❤ Plz read this msg and support us Nikhil bhai plz talk on gujarat board exams plz because CBSE 10th exam got cancelled and SSC exams aren't cancelled and also rajashthan boards UP boards and other states have cancelled exams but gujarat mai nahi kiye hain soo plzz plzz talk on insta or YT. Everyone deserves same so why CBSE students got mass promotion and we don't kya ham insaan nahi hai CBSE walo ko cancel and GSEB ki nahi #cancelboardexams2021 #cancelgsebboardexams Indian government is lit😊🙄 Love from junagadh, gujarat ❤

  • Rai Dibyanshu
    Rai Dibyanshu

    Brother be. safe in this pandemic

  • saahil _47k
    saahil _47k

    Bhai bivi se kuch kaam bhe kara lea karo app ko sharam aati hai maa se kabde dhulane k lea please bhai aisa mat karo 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Aryan Dhanak
    Aryan Dhanak

    Honestly speaking your vlogging skills since past years have changed. I suggest you to watch your videos in 2018 2017. One of the best videos was your, I DUBBED THEIR WEDDING, which included your cinematic shots, cuts and edits which were chummeshwari. I hope you read this comment. I have been your oldest subs since 2015. When you had 90000 subs.

    • Aryan Dhanak
      Aryan Dhanak

      Because it seemed like you stopped putting efforts on your videos comparing the 2 years older nikhil

  • Call Me Siku
    Call Me Siku

    Nikhil bhai don't use vaccine I inject it to my grandfather he is now in icu Plzzz reuqest everyone to not use a vaccine specially ageed person

    • Kpop Lover
      Kpop Lover

      Yes my aunt also inject then she was suffered lots of vomits fever headache

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan

    Love your tee. Please share the link I can buy it from.

  • Rakshit Jogi
    Rakshit Jogi

    Try to get Vaccinated your mother because it’s very important 👍

  • Bikash Singh
    Bikash Singh

    Your mummy ❤️bhi

  • Mohammad Ubaid Sheikh
    Mohammad Ubaid Sheikh

    Jo ammi bol rahi h samjho mat jao

  • J J
    J J

    i was watching one Depress webseries - i pause that & watch your vlog n mind fresh -now m sleeping happily -mood change - thanks nikkhil

  • smith pereira
    smith pereira

    Dear Nikhil one suggestion please don't say vaccination is not important we are safe... (In this video conversation with your mom about vaccine ) Right now no one is safe anywhere from big people to small kids no one is safe our whole country only 9 % vaccination took place and counting were as rest world are ahead of us in vaccination..... Please I request you to influence by your videos please take vaccination as soon as possible our medical team took lots of pain and hard work and courage to build this vaccine shot and is effective for eg( in 100 people only 0.99% people got covid 19 symptoms again) it's just anti body to fight virus not after vaccine you will not get covid .. Dear nikhil i am big follower of your each videos give me something to do in future...As youtuber please make awareness about vaccine drive so our covid cases will be down one fine day and you , me and whole country will be back to normal ....... Lastly Big salute for your achievement and congratulations you both on your new sweet home God bless you both may all your dreams come true .... Stay safe and stay fit thank you.... Best wishes from Smith

  • Rishika sunny Singh
    Rishika sunny Singh

    GHar ka bastu kharab He

  • RB Vlog
    RB Vlog

    Hospital jane se positive lagega News nahi

  • Anita Srivastava
    Anita Srivastava

    Don't go

  • Abhi Bhardwaj
    Abhi Bhardwaj

    Please follow covid-19 guidelines. Don't roam outside. Apna nahi to dusra k hi sochlo🙏 You are guiding other in very wrong way. Stay at home

  • aadarsh aashesh
    aadarsh aashesh

    fun chye zindagi me.. bahar nikal k dekho logo ka halat people are dying

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali

    Your vlogs are very entertaining Nikhil Bhai But please stop eating outside food, chocolate,badam milk because it delays your fat loss and muscle building goal so when you're working out follow a strict diet and do workout if not you'll never never see results if you don't follow a proper diet

  • Dixit Jasra
    Dixit Jasra

    Aunty ji ko namesta 🙏 mahadev bless her

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan

    Kana ab bhi maa ke ghar sai ata hai kiu kana pakana nai ata bahut bura lagta hai

  • Vivek Jaiswal
    Vivek Jaiswal

    I disagree with your comment about what's being shown in TV. It's not negativity but reality. Also Vaccine is a must if one is eligible for it!

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar

    Dabang mom 🔥

  • Sohan Reddy
    Sohan Reddy

    Watching video at 2.34am at night 🙏

    • Sohan Reddy
      Sohan Reddy

      @A9o21o oooooo sorry

    • A9o21o


  • Terrie Brown
    Terrie Brown

    What kind of idiots are on you tube. Guy is chit chatting.

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