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  • Adnan khan World
    Adnan khan World

    2:31 song name please

  • The Crazy Brothers
    The Crazy Brothers

    UPSTOX or any other broker is not free. Even if we don't use our account. We have to pay 300 per annum + GST.

  • Suraj Vlog
    Suraj Vlog

    8:19 1200 sal pehele Prithviraj Chauhan the श्री. राम जी नही. History kamjor he 😭😭

  • Vivek Varma
    Vivek Varma

    Why do you comment on traditional food of a region comparing it with tissue paper . Each region has their own traditional food if you don’t wanna eat then okay . Atleast don’t say it tissue paper , polythene cover etc

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    Great ❤️



  • Yuvraj Pakhare
    Yuvraj Pakhare

    the one where you bought the sandle

  • Yuvraj Pakhare
    Yuvraj Pakhare

    can you tell the name of the leather shop?????

  • Taushif Rja
    Taushif Rja

    Nikhil bhaii can you give me your PS bcoz I m not able to purchase it and I want make a gaming youtube channel

  • Pradyuman Solanki
    Pradyuman Solanki

    Nikkkhil bhai 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rajender Kuchan
    Rajender Kuchan

    fishhh man .... i missed to watch your video since few days varna aapse mil paaataaa


    Bhai agar mai Bruce Wayne hota toh bike nahi pora Studio hi khareed leta :)) xd

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma

    Bhai request you to please stop traveling, you are influencing people to travel. The country needs to recover from COVID now.

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    Mercedes is better car than audi anyday

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    0:18 nikkhil password did u guys saw

  • Feel The Silence
    Feel The Silence

    You are coping king of cricket....

  • ABHI Yt
    ABHI Yt

    Aaj ka quote ek no. Bhai shahab sorry bhai nhi sir

  • pilwan abhishek
    pilwan abhishek

    Wooden bike wow

  • Daksh

    nikhil dont show ur apple watch pass

  • Afif Kazi
    Afif Kazi

    4:53 no one literally no one Le Nikhil :- Only 7 lacs... 🤣🤣

  • Anuppam Mathur
    Anuppam Mathur

    I always dislike when he try to sell something like It's normal for him but looks crystal clear fake

  • Rajat Jain
    Rajat Jain


  • majeed md
    majeed md

    We love Mumbiker and We love Hyderabad

  • Rohit Mehar
    Rohit Mehar

    Happy bhai ke friends anokhe anokhe he❤️

  • Spandana Joshi
    Spandana Joshi

    where did you guys get your haircut done in hyderabad??

  • TripoPedia

    4:13 just like Bigg Boss ❤️

  • SaiPawaN s
    SaiPawaN s

    Main Bruce Wayne hoota toh Harley Davidson Letha ...reminded me of superman and batman conversation ... Batman : I bought the bank 🔥😂

  • Aditya Gurjar
    Aditya Gurjar

    Zindagi Ho to Asi

  • Aditya Gurjar
    Aditya Gurjar

    Kya Baal Kate

  • Aditya Gurjar
    Aditya Gurjar

    Full raees

  • DEEP

    Upstock hack ho suka hain or aap woh use karne keliye bola hain waah

  • Rohit Bera
    Rohit Bera

    Nikhil vai don"t mind but I love your life story vlogs better than travelling vlogs

  • shubham .official
    shubham .official

    I was first time to see that's place ... Vry amazing 😍😍

  • Piano Menia
    Piano Menia

    Nikhil bhai just put your autograph on your AUDI Q7 and then you can actually exchange it with a Mercedes GLS 2021. That much popularity you have now for sure ❤

  • Chand Ratan Damani
    Chand Ratan Damani

    Who told u that shree ram ji was only 1200 years before...he was about 9 lacs years before...its a kind request not to spread misinformation..- ajasra d

  • Ceaser Fernandes
    Ceaser Fernandes

    Hi from London

  • Kunal Thakkar
    Kunal Thakkar

    I would 1st admit that you are doing great with your content and I do follow most of your vedio. I had an idea to share looking at current situation, l am aware that one should "walk the talk", therefore posting a message to do my bit. Now coming to the idea, which arised from a thought that how could we influence larger audience and that is when I thought that who better than you and other popular youtubers can do. How about you & all your known youtuber post a vedio to motivate the people to take vaccine & create pro vaccine message. I know the government is doing it but it seems it not that effective. May be you & all other youtubers post the video at same time & date. Not a colab vedio but individual vedio posted exactly same time & date. That way everyone gets the impact like breaking news. The way news channel do. I am not sure how feasible it is but will leave it up to you & your team to brain strom the idea. Thank you ! for all the effort you take so that we get such good content and learn many a times. 👍

  • Sai technical
    Sai technical

    Nikhil bhai Daaru Daaru😂😂👍

  • Virender Singh
    Virender Singh

    Shine maam nepali lag rahe hai....

  • Abhishek Rathore
    Abhishek Rathore

    This car is wow amazing😍🤩😍😍🤩👍😍😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩👍

  • Vishal Verma
    Vishal Verma

    Upstox par cyber attack hua bhai log...koi bhi nikhil ki add dekhke download mat me bhi aagaya

  • Naresh chandel
    Naresh chandel

    1:40 pe kisne notice kia... Nikhil ne voiceover kiaa

  • Ansh Shrivastava
    Ansh Shrivastava

    I like how he has an exceptional car himself but still thrives for the gls XD

  • eyllod Kaur
    eyllod Kaur

    Sheynil is looking like Golguppa girl with haircut enhancing body all round like Golguppa😂

  • eyllod Kaur
    eyllod Kaur

    Sheynil is looking like Golguppa girl with haircut all round like Golguppa😂

  • Preetesh 12
    Preetesh 12

    Bhai kitne paise mile wo bhi batao

  • Kartik ahire
    Kartik ahire

    5:43 main bruce wayne hota to studio he kharid leta.. 😂😂😂

  • Shivom Das
    Shivom Das

    5:59 nikhil bhai veg Biryani bolke kuch nhi hota

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    This wonder was manufactured by aamir sharma

  • Nikhil mawale
    Nikhil mawale

    11:56 ye konsa music hai

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman

    Bhai Hyderabad mein sirf Charminar hi nahi hai, Aur bhi Jageh hai apki audience ko dekhaney ki... kabhi yahan k local receipes ,snaks try karo bhai, foreigners aakey sabhi mazey karein bhai aap sirf Airport n aur Bahoth hogaya Jubilee, Banjara hills akey chaley jatey ho..

  • Technical Krishna Kashyap
    Technical Krishna Kashyap

    Nice video🥰😍

  • Dhiraj Jadhav
    Dhiraj Jadhav

    @Mumbaikar Nikhil bhai apki Caterpillar sandal ki video dekhni hai coz i like it veryy much want to buy as earliest

  • Prashanth Pai
    Prashanth Pai

    Nothing like a Merc bhai

  • mahendra beniwal
    mahendra beniwal

    Hair style not suit on you🙄

  • rahul bhati
    rahul bhati

    Bhai i watched your vlog from.. 17.. I love your videos.. So many times i realise ... Your camera so much.. Hilata h bhai... Plz fix that problem because .. Eyes are says that

  • gandhivishalg

    Lots of hand shake no clear video

  • A.K.

    Shaince mam ne kis actor ka pic dikhaya tha haircut krne mein ?

  • A.K.

    3:10 happy bhai said u got 4 car ? 2 other car kon kon se hai audi venue and 2 other ?

  • A.K.

    1:41 for a while i didn't realise its a voice over😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • HR Mania Vlogs
    HR Mania Vlogs


  • Ayush Agrawal
    Ayush Agrawal

    Happy bhai is a real dude 🤟🏻🔥

  • Rohan Maji
    Rohan Maji

    New watch strap nikhil bhai

  • Saurabh Shukla
    Saurabh Shukla

    Video dekhkr lagta hai ki india mein ameeri bhi hai!!

  • Mangesh Bishnoi
    Mangesh Bishnoi


  • Nayan Pohane
    Nayan Pohane

    no nikkhil i will give someone a bitcoin

  • Sanskar Mishra
    Sanskar Mishra

    Uncle in last looks like one of the RCB owner lol 😂

  • Rishabh Shukla
    Rishabh Shukla

    Bro not a good advise to unnecessarily buy gold and store it .It affects the price and export losses a lot. Former finance minister Arun jaitley has requested to not store gold if u have not needed it.

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    *_That studio was damn good🔥_*

  • Kartik Thakur
    Kartik Thakur

    Mumbai walon ke yahi hai darte hai buhat.

  • Hazza DMG
    Hazza DMG

    You act like girl when happy was lifting you

  • Deadpool's MotoVlogs
    Deadpool's MotoVlogs

    Bhaaai isme kuch nehi hota hum cricket practice ke pahele stress korte the

  • Meeta Mandal
    Meeta Mandal



    Half right and completely wrong Meaning ?????????

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar

    Studio Design by one and only aamir sharma sir

  • Reuben Mandanna
    Reuben Mandanna

    Behind the gls the grand Cherokee

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma

    Listen to YATRI BY MUZIKARSH ♥️😌 nikhil sir it's a good travel song !

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma

    Listen to YATRI BY MUZIKARSH ♥️😌

  • ROHIT singh
    ROHIT singh

    Sachin vaje friend

  • nimish mehta
    nimish mehta

    Happy bhai ( BABA Ramdev PART 2 )

  • Shishan Jauhar
    Shishan Jauhar

    Sir my father suffering from same soilder problem... Suggest something....

  • Udit Siwach
    Udit Siwach

    Nikhil bhai after driving GLS 'sh lenge' 😂😂😂

  • Sanjay Prajapati Vlogs
    Sanjay Prajapati Vlogs

    Always inspired everyone ❤️😃👍

  • Manav Patel
    Manav Patel

    Sir Mercedes Gls is FAB .

  • GR Gamer
    GR Gamer

    Bro.... Shina Didi ka hair long hi accha hai

    • tanishka

      Sinus Didi kitni pagal lag rhi hai😂

  • ShAiK fArIyAn BaShA
    ShAiK fArIyAn BaShA

    The interior is rocking......

  • Sanjib Prasad
    Sanjib Prasad

    Nikhil bhai k new hair style made him 5 yrs more younger reminds me of old travelling days...

  • Autonomous soXiety
    Autonomous soXiety

    Quote was true


    i visit the ring road very frequently

  • Alter khan
    Alter khan

    U look like Zakir Khan

  • Asad Riks
    Asad Riks

    Best Vlogg🙌🏻🔥🔥

  • Debesh Mohapatra
    Debesh Mohapatra

    Spreading corona In hyderabad

  • Sourav Karmakar
    Sourav Karmakar

    Such a fake and manipulator that he never marks the videos as pain promotion includes like honest youtuber like tanmay bhatt

  • Garima Srivastava
    Garima Srivastava

    How much total interior cost

  • Ali Asgar Badami
    Ali Asgar Badami

    Upstox data has been breached

  • Jaswinder Singh
    Jaswinder Singh

    You are being very disrespectful to sham bhai

  • Karun Singh
    Karun Singh

    Mumbiker nikhil ab biker ni raha 🙄 no bike vlogs at all


    MUMBAI: Hackers have breached security systems at Upstox , the country’s second largest stock broker in terms of number of customers, and stole KYC and other data of about 25 lakh of its customers. Post the data breach, the company on its website said all of the customers’ shares and funds were safe and it has enhanced the security system at its servers. In the last few weeks there have been massive data breaches at some of the leading domestic and global companies which include Mobikwik, LinkedIn and Facebook. On Saturday, Upstox on its website said that it has upgraded its security systems after it received emails claiming unauthorized access into its database. “These claims suggested that some contact data and KYC details may have been compromised from third-party data-warehouse systems,” Ravi Kumar, Upstox’s co-founder and CEO wrote on its site.

  • lingamanenis

    Pootharekulu is a traditional food that is being eaten by people of Andhra for many centuries. It’s not in the right spirit to call it a tissue paper. Hope you realize it

  • Akash Barnwal
    Akash Barnwal

    mam aapka hairs bilkul acha nai nlag rha hai n nikhil bhai jb bhi aapk blog dekhta ho there is a smile on my face :-)

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