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Link for the offer:

  • Mumbiker Nikhil
    Mumbiker Nikhil

    Have a great day everyone. Do check out the amazing rewards you could win this CRED Mega Jackpot Week. Download Here:

    • Sunil Lama
      Sunil Lama

    • Nohid Mulla
      Nohid Mulla

      Plz check video for assemble robo tech burner👍

    • Aditya Gurjar
      Aditya Gurjar

      Full adverstiment

    • Ali Mohammad
      Ali Mohammad

      are oh bhai meri wali toh marke bhi sorry nai bolti😉

    • ISHAAN

      Buy mi mop cleaner its value for money 👍

  • P N V S Sai Puneet mm18b108
    P N V S Sai Puneet mm18b108

    Nikhil promoting from CRED , MIVI to now NANNARI SHERBAT 🤣🤣

  • SAHIL Khurana
    SAHIL Khurana

    love you bhai ji

  • Piston Breaker
    Piston Breaker

    Can we order the mivi colloar in Nepal

  • Anjishnu Mandal
    Anjishnu Mandal

    Quote is awsmmm

  • Ankita Pal
    Ankita Pal

    Aapke pass microwave tha pir Aapne otg kyu liya

  • Vrushabh Panpatil
    Vrushabh Panpatil

  • Sahil Verma
    Sahil Verma


  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand

    Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

  • Yash Parmar
    Yash Parmar


  • KK the PRO
    KK the PRO

    Mi company Ka lo

  • Ryoko gaming
    Ryoko gaming

    aye alpha mota bhai is followed by nikki bhai

  • pavan goyanka
    pavan goyanka

    Aasaan nahi hai roz roz vlogging karke upload karna Hats of Nikhil bhai

  • Nikunj Rathod
    Nikunj Rathod

    Background music 🎶🔥🔥😍

  • Sohan solanki vlogs
    Sohan solanki vlogs

    Love u

  • Rajesh Chaudhary
    Rajesh Chaudhary


  • Mullakodi Music
    Mullakodi Music

    I have a question Is rashid bhai malayali?

  • Prajukta Bhatra
    Prajukta Bhatra



    Love u

  • Tushar Mawale
    Tushar Mawale

    The thumbnail is edited from iphone in landscape mode cuz u can see a line in the bottom of thumbnail which is only in iPhone

  • Aditya Gurjar
    Aditya Gurjar

    Itna sab to shoot kiya vo bhi Kar lete

  • Thakur Rahulsingh
    Thakur Rahulsingh

    Talking about kindness.... every time I see Rashid bhai in MN vlogs. I feel he is the perfect representation of kind heart

  • umang saini
    umang saini

    @mumbiker nikhil Haier kaa robo mop ly lo

  • Rishabh Srivastava
    Rishabh Srivastava

    I would highly suggest Roombas with the intelligent mapping, so basically get anything above i7. I used to have a non I model, and it did a good job mechanically but the intelligent mapping feature is worth the extra money

  • Pratik Dhadve
    Pratik Dhadve

    Fighting is also a sign of love in the couples and fighting and some small interactions make bond stronger

  • Akash h
    Akash h

    Why r u promoting dji Chinese company

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    Great ❤️

  • Faizan Malik
    Faizan Malik

    Unless u want attention on Twitter 😂 ye badiya tha guru

  • Neha Verma
    Neha Verma

    what a coincidence aaj hi maine cred app se first payment kiya aur aaj nikhil k vlog mein cred ka link dekha

  • Neha Verma
    Neha Verma

    its look like nikhil holi khel k aaya hai😂😂😂

  • vinay saxena
    vinay saxena

    #Sharam karo bhai......kuch to sharam karo......5-5 min m log mar rhe hai aur aapko roohaafjaa milk shake ki video bana k daaal rhe ho....

  • Hriday Malik
    Hriday Malik

    That robot is not that great cause apke new house mai there are are more of Rugs and that robot mob does not work on Rugs amd galti se chala bhi gaya then it will destroy the Fabric of Rug

  • Total Kitchen
    Total Kitchen



    Slap is actually seems like she loves you some because every girl who love his bf she actually slap or bit like that only… so it’s cool…

  • Photo Fashion
    Photo Fashion

    Control +shift+I (refresh page)

  • Norin Khan
    Norin Khan

    Loved ur green t-shirt green one n it's fit👌👌


    Giveaway kar do 😅😉

  • Aman world status
    Aman world status

    Thanks for my channel support. 20k. Complete,💛💛💛🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊🥰

  • Varad Sonar
    Varad Sonar

    Sir plzz,your Fav actor Fav webseries Fav webseries (genere) Fav movie Fav youtuber other than u Inspiration ...!!!!!

  • Vishal Babu
    Vishal Babu

    Are bhuat marti h ladkia 🤣

  • Milind Katrekar
    Milind Katrekar

    You should take yeuraka Forbes robet

  • prithviraj jadhav
    prithviraj jadhav

    Thank you for the quote... Very helpful cause similar is happening with me from few days!!

  • Mayur Thorat
    Mayur Thorat

    Nikhil bhai aajkl aapki aavdi nhi dikhate ho

  • Amin Ul islam
    Amin Ul islam

    Luv uu nikhil bro


    Nikhil bhai kya suspense banare ho everyone knows that aap Aadam ya Imayra ko hi doge Robo

  • Ajju Pathan
    Ajju Pathan

    Sir plz help 1lac but my setucation is very poor

  • Military Biker
    Military Biker

    Kya mazadaar video

  • Ashutosh Kamble
    Ashutosh Kamble

    Bhai ne ghr me chalu kiya kachra karna🤣🤣🤣

  • patel Bhavin
    patel Bhavin

    I robot is useless!!!!!

  • Priyabrata Behera
    Priyabrata Behera

    As everyone was predicting, kuch finance related app ka promotion ane wala hai. He was creating base and finally its CRED. Guys CRED is a new venture of flop FreeCharge.They will sell our sensitive data related to credit cards and later will say that data got leaked due to some cyber attack.

  • Mohammed Fateen
    Mohammed Fateen

    Bro Xiaomi ka robot mop mast hai

  • punit thakur
    punit thakur

    Nikhil JKG h

  • krish 321
    krish 321

    Darr rahi hai Teri mummy se

  • Mian Jazil
    Mian Jazil

    Your todays quote❤️ That i need the most ❤️

  • Shivam Dhingra
    Shivam Dhingra

    Nikhil please mention the link of vacuum that you are using

  • maharshi jani
    maharshi jani

    Tmt is not necessary just get your cholesterol due to pandemic .....

  • patel janu
    patel janu

    I don’t know if you guys read the comments, but I live in America and based on my experience you should not get robot mop and clean. It is not worth it. It is best to clean your house with your own hands by which you can have some body movement as well.


    In which application do you edit b Vlogs

  • M anirudh
    M anirudh

    pls dont buy that vaccume cleaner

  • ashmakha Borkar
    ashmakha Borkar

    Khud ko kind hona padta sab hojate

  • Anshika Suyal
    Anshika Suyal

    _Quote : Never respond to insults. The main purpose of an "insulter" is to make you act without thinking. Frustrate them with your silence._ _Unless you want attention in twitter._

  • A Person.
    A Person.

    Please stay at home and encourage everyone to do the same. People watch you every day and this is the best thing you can do at this difficult time. Be responsible. You at least owe this to the public.

  • Gurnani Dhairya
    Gurnani Dhairya

    mera bhi exact same situation hai bhai. koi difference nahi

  • Aaryaman's Tech
    Aaryaman's Tech

    Sir Xiaomi ka le sakte ho...

  • Rushan arshee
    Rushan arshee

    Bohat stupid lgtey ho tum dono please vlogs mt bnaya karo 🤣

  • no fear
    no fear

    Nikhil can do a thappad moviev sequel man, s side of a story🤣

  • Rana Sonu
    Rana Sonu

    Ye kya ho gya gadi drone aur trip se ab sbji ke bhaw...

  • apu sr
    apu sr

    Kyu log yeah bekar sab vlogging dekhte hai... Country mei kya haal hai.... Dhruve rathee khan sir dedhbhakt dekho... India walo aur apna jaan bachao... Nikhil ek bhi oxygen ke cylinder kisi hospital mein donate nahi karenge.... Yeaha views and comment dene se acha hai ki lakho log tweet karo govt se question karo... Ek saal kya kia....

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    Alisha Creation


  • Wasi Vlog
    Wasi Vlog

    Love from KSA #wasivlogwv

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    Imran Rain

    Ye to pyar hai ❤️❤️❤️

  • Veeraj Dsouza
    Veeraj Dsouza

    Cred sponserd


    Bhai aaj wo vivo v21 ki stream dekhne ke chakkar me kisi ne report spam karke mera insta account block kar diya 😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Blaxstones
    The Blaxstones

    New subscribers, you guys are so cute and your vlogs are amazing great job 👏🏿 what type of camera are you using ? Video and audio are so clear

  • D evil
    D evil


  • Yogesh Margi
    Yogesh Margi

    मराठी मध्य video कधी बनवणं

  • Cartoon Junction
    Cartoon Junction

    Mi robot cleaner will be good check it out

  • Atharv Kulsange
    Atharv Kulsange

    Thanks for the quote I can relate with it...

  • mohammed

    You can check for "eufy robovac g10 by Anker" It is the best seller in UAE market.. also available on Amazon India

  • Team kannav
    Team kannav

    Agar shoot krna ni acha lgta toh bol kr apni tariff bi ni krni chaiye ti nikhil bhai

  • Rekha Bhardwaj
    Rekha Bhardwaj

    Boring your vlog contents are always same

  • Kishor choudhary
    Kishor choudhary

    Nikhil bhai tvf ka Aspirants dkho


    Ek number quote... Liked it and will follow it

  • Zaid Siddiquee
    Zaid Siddiquee

    Please don’t use the glue gun to build the dji robot

  • Zaid Siddiquee
    Zaid Siddiquee

    If you want to buy the best one then go for the roomba vacuum cleaner and mop both are separate products but are availabe as combo on amazon for 1.5 lakhs Or else you can go for roomba smaller model which comes under 25k but it is only a vacuum cleaner no mop…..but these are not a one time investment you would need buy the proprietary cloth for mops and the brushes for the mops which adds up in long time.

  • shine like me
    shine like me

    M N shakes just like Mr beast burger

  • Girish Kamat
    Girish Kamat

    @9:55 may be Ashish chandratreya

  • Prerak Patel
    Prerak Patel

    I have a robot cleaning vacuum it’s called shark vacmop it vacuums and mop at same time

  • A_118_amey Gawde
    A_118_amey Gawde

    7:55 Ek xiaomi ka hai ek bar dekh lo price be kam hai

  • Extreme X
    Extreme X

  • Gourav Mulchandani
    Gourav Mulchandani

    Nikhil Bhai apne trading kha se sikhi?

  • Mahesh Khedekar
    Mahesh Khedekar

    Croma ka oven lena 👍

  • Anas Saiyed
    Anas Saiyed

    Short hair is not suts on your wifes face

  • Kulbhushan Belsare
    Kulbhushan Belsare

    Buy a Roomba from iRobot


  • Manish Maghnani
    Manish Maghnani

    Nikhil bhai apki odi kaha hai

  • nancy harendra singh
    nancy harendra singh

    Luv u 💓💗both

  • anniket Dilbaghi
    anniket Dilbaghi

    O bhai mask pahenlo duniya mar rhi h 🙄🙄🙄

  • Pranav Bhome
    Pranav Bhome


  • Yahya Abdullah
    Yahya Abdullah

    You should get mopo robot from xiami

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