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  • Anupam Tripathi
    Anupam Tripathi

    Phir laga bechne!!! Ufff

  • Adnan khan World
    Adnan khan World

    1:46 song name please its urgent

  • The Asian guy
    The Asian guy

    We should accept the fact that nikhil’s mum is even more entertaining than him 😂

  • The Asian guy
    The Asian guy

    Nikhil’s mumma is exactly like every other mother , i feel so connected and that priceless smile on her face when she entered.

  • suhana satija
    suhana satija

    Bhaiya app aunty ko apne pass hi rakhlo vaise hi itta covid hai

  • Rounith Gamerz
    Rounith Gamerz

    Asian Paint se colour karna le ghar😂

  • mayank gupta
    mayank gupta

    Today's daily quote is for mudi xi

  • Adnan khan World
    Adnan khan World

    Song name ?

  • Priyanshu Shah
    Priyanshu Shah

    Gyan is too much..!

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    Great ❤️

  • nancy harendra singh
    nancy harendra singh

    don't wear this mask lots of luv 💓both

  • Kunal Gandhi
    Kunal Gandhi

    Use Better Router

  • Sahil Kumrah
    Sahil Kumrah

    use hand sanitizer after using lift

  • Melwin R
    Melwin R

    MN... please speak on Logical Issues like Oxygen shortage, Corrupt politics in Mumbai, Remdesivir shortage... DONT be like Selfish , Idiotic , Uneducated , Drug Addicted Bollywood HERO and HEROINES 😡😡😡😡


    I love Nikhil’s mom !

  • Indian crypto crew
    Indian crypto crew

    nikhil bhai doge ko pump karwa do

  • Ashutosh Asthana
    Ashutosh Asthana

    Sahi me nikhil bhai.. mummy aati h vlog me aapke... To shi me acha lagta hai... Jaisa time chlrha h family sbki tension me h...aise me family sth me hste dekh k acha lagta h... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mohit Choudhary
    Mohit Choudhary

    Marble flooring will be better

  • Rohit Mohite
    Rohit Mohite

    Most funny part of vlog pani wali chai🤣🤣🤣

  • Samir

    Are yr nikhil music use karta hai but ye credit nahi deta fir isko copyright nahi aata why kaise ho sakta hai aisa 😭

  • Chinmay Badve
    Chinmay Badve

    Nikhil what is song name in background pl. do share the name.

  • Rohit Thorat
    Rohit Thorat

    Song name?

  • Pranit Hegde
    Pranit Hegde

    Bhai pocket knife ka link dedo please

  • Alok kumar
    Alok kumar

    love from Bihar ❤️

  • Alok kumar
    Alok kumar

    Stay united stay strong. 💪

  • truth betold
    truth betold

    Wish for a day when indian celebs will get a spine and speak truth about the country.

  • Reshma Acharya
    Reshma Acharya

    Just an advice ur new house is looking very dull,it's just a dacha,plz bring some liveliness to it by adding some plants, yellow lightings, fish tank it would be amazing to watch 😀

  • Parasite Gaming
    Parasite Gaming

    Hi Nikhil, You've not yet shown the most important part of your house I.e- that is your temple 🤔

  • Virendra Prajapat
    Virendra Prajapat

    Glue gun off hone k baad bhi hot rehta hai Nikhil bhai.. Aap plug se hot krke fir plug nikal k gun vha leke jao gate k pass

  • Stay Bless
    Stay Bless


  • Seemzz Iconic
    Seemzz Iconic

    you motivate me to stay positive✨💯

  • Shrikant R
    Shrikant R

    Men will be men 😂🤣😅

  • Shrikant R
    Shrikant R

    Does clothes get twined after wash,we probably have the same one but we are facing lot of issues

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh

    Jabardast insaan ho aap

  • Priyanka Arun S
    Priyanka Arun S

    You can try a doorstopper for avoiding the water coming out of a door

  • kush mehta
    kush mehta

    Y your mom doesnot stay vid u nikhil?

  • Jasmeet Singh Chawla
    Jasmeet Singh Chawla

    Nikhil’s quotes in the beginning seem like a message from his heart that he would rather not say out loud. We feel you brother!

  • Akshad Goyanka
    Akshad Goyanka

    Timelapse scenes are back

  • Navid

    Did you hear that "baby"!😳♥️

  • Badal Kumar
    Badal Kumar

    Nikhil or unki mom alg kyu rhte h ?

  • Be smart
    Be smart

    Bhai ke vlog dekh ke i also feel part of his family

  • Divyesh verma
    Divyesh verma

    Last ki line bahot meaning full hai...

  • harsh chauhan
    harsh chauhan


  • Stephen Noronha
    Stephen Noronha

    Anyone else went "Oh shit *face palm*" when Nikhil got the idea of using the glue gun in the hall?



  • Sonia Augustine
    Sonia Augustine


  • Vinitha Lad
    Vinitha Lad

    Nikhil bhai u are just awesome and u inspire everyone and i am really really big fannnnn of your love u

  • Mohit Atwal
    Mohit Atwal

    It's "लुत्फ"

  • Aakash Virk
    Aakash Virk

    your mother looks like my grandmother 😅❤️

  • ajaz patel
    ajaz patel

    1:47 song?


    sala yeh nahi ki paise donate kare

  • motivational

    Aunty ji bhut achi hai bhai ❤️

  • Omkar A
    Omkar A

    Which app is better for trading nikhil bhai plzz suggest and give some information about trading and stocks😀

  • Shashidhar Patil
    Shashidhar Patil

    2rs ka thumbnail 😂

  • Utkarsh Deoli
    Utkarsh Deoli

    i hate when nikkhil ke mummy comes in vlog she looks so fake idk why no hate tho


    nikhil bahi water purified lana haan to shaarp ka lana bhot ascha haan bhot safr haan

  • Ajeet Yadav
    Ajeet Yadav

    cypto in pc ?

  • Pankhur Verma
    Pankhur Verma

    do you have any kind of obsession with glue gun tho?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Krupal Dixit
    Krupal Dixit

    OMG... Nikhil is in big trouble 😨😨

  • Resurge_ Motovlogs
    Resurge_ Motovlogs

    Glue Gun ke liye use Extension buddy❤️

  • Darshan Pithva
    Darshan Pithva

    I ordered MIvi collar watching your video but it was defected piece and i m trying to contact them since a month with so long mails but again no response sorry to say but very bad customer services from Mivi (Not blaming you for it just shared issue which i m facing)😃😃

  • Arsh Thanawala
    Arsh Thanawala

    Bhai aap jo trick use kar ri tha vo sahi thi par tari ka galat tha aap vo trick ek bar butter paper pe use kar k deko

  • Hemant Vaishnav
    Hemant Vaishnav

    "Sabka sath, apne desh ka udhhar" Bas last wali bat pe like 👍

  • Nilesh Choudhry
    Nilesh Choudhry

    Being a real trader I did realise how these influencer just say things for money Like trading is not as simple as he's just juggling with the term "trading" It just boils my blood

  • Rishabh Tiwari
    Rishabh Tiwari

    Leti rehti hai howww😉😁

  • 卂丂ㄒ尺ㄖ

    That dish with Cauliflower looks delicious 😋

  • Sk Abid Hasan
    Sk Abid Hasan

    Pura selfish

  • Lakshya

    Crypto currency app promotion upcoming

  • Rocky Rocks
    Rocky Rocks


  • Nishant Gharat
    Nishant Gharat

    Nikhil sir aapne aapake mummy ko iphone 11pro max diya thaa naa.vedio main phone dekhaa to xs max dikhaa?

  • Sayyed Aftab
    Sayyed Aftab

    4M soon bhai.....


    bhai mummy ko video me late rha kro

  • Rushi Gamer
    Rushi Gamer


  • Aayush Kumar
    Aayush Kumar

    Sir apna mn space le k aao na is Ghar pa or laga o its look tooooo gooooood

  • Rahul Gaikwad
    Rahul Gaikwad

    1:20 Nikhil bhai crypto mei nahi forex mei trade kariye....in these days crypto mei fake volms aa rahei hai.

  • Yogesh Thori
    Yogesh Thori

    East or west mmy ji is best

  • Gautam Joshi
    Gautam Joshi

    Song name..?

  • Abdul Affam
    Abdul Affam

    Quote bohot sahin tha, totally goes on whats going on in our country RN.

  • Radheshyam Chauhan
    Radheshyam Chauhan

    Namaste 🙏 aunty ji

  • Siraj Shah
    Siraj Shah

    11:23 Maza aya 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joyal Johnson
    Joyal Johnson

    Well said at the end👏👏💫

  • Beast Gamerz
    Beast Gamerz

    please dont waste money on another house .please donate your money for gas cyclinder and bed

  • Pratham Bajaj
    Pratham Bajaj

    Aunty ji rocks bhaiya.

  • Top 5
    Top 5

    I ❤️ love watching your videos bhai. It gives me positive vibes and motivation altogether. Nice home 🏡btw i loved it too especially the evening view from edit desk.😍

  • tussudas

    I have never understand when Nikhil talks about fitness.. I can no way relates Nikhil with fitness..

  • One Plus
    One Plus

    Use extension wire for glue gun

  • Golu Ga
    Golu Ga

    Aur hypocrite kya haal hai

  • Darshan Patil
    Darshan Patil

    My protein kup costly Hai bhai

  • Moustache Singh
    Moustache Singh

    I will post videos on everything in this world except on Bikes---Mum'BIKER' Nikhil's theory of success 🏍️🥵.....also Nikhil always promotes foreign bikes & even buys them.... rarely see him talking about Royal Enfield.... In one of his previous video, he was even mocking Dominor.....wah bete wah...sahi ja re ho

  • Jay Shah
    Jay Shah

    Please make one video on cyptrocurrency as you are investing in it...

  • RJ praveen 1.0
    RJ praveen 1.0

    Overacting by all

  • Hardik Saini
    Hardik Saini

    glue gun ko garam karke le jaate

  • Rupesh Jadhav
    Rupesh Jadhav


  • Sriyansh ranjan guru
    Sriyansh ranjan guru

    Bhai. Tum jab tak mummy ke sath nahi rahogi na acha nahi lagega. Ek old age mom Ko akela rakhte ho

  • Rajesh Kumar Sethy
    Rajesh Kumar Sethy

    Ghar ka asi ki tesi kardi vai ne

  • Anirudh chandra
    Anirudh chandra

    He is so dumb that he needs INlabel tutorial to run fully automatic washing machine. ,😂😂

  • Pinak Dave
    Pinak Dave

    Love from KUTCH❤️

  • Krishnakumar Ratnani
    Krishnakumar Ratnani

    nikhil bhaii usse accha pele glue stick darva je ke paas rakh dete baadme maachis ya mombatti se pighla dete

  • Piyush Verma
    Piyush Verma

    Nikhil love your vlogs. ❤️

  • akshay kochhar
    akshay kochhar

    Really if you think deeply, it's such a waste of time. I mean I am watching you setup your washing machine and your washed clothes. The everyday work of every household? I question myself what am I watching you for? Really with time people will understand that it's a complete waste of precious time of there lives. I know it is a great earning source for you, but please don't show us ur daily routine which just makes no sense other than just making you richer. If that's yout only aim, it's totally fine. Such vlogging won't survive for long, so earn as much as you can till then. There will be realisations across of what people have bee seeing for long.

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